Monday, September 29, 2014

Operation Anarchy Repel

“What’s the latest on OAR?”

The Director of the NSA crossed his right leg over the left; this was a subject he was very comfortable discussing. “Mr. President, we’re far ahead in that game. Eighty percent of the police forces in populations below a hundred thousand are fully equipped. We’re approaching sixty percent in cities up to five-hundred K, and 35% in the larger metropolises. 

“Excellent. I saw in this morning’s Early Bird that there are protests at San Diego University and some asshole in Ferguson shot a cop?”

“Well, sir, the protests aren’t serious enough to bother with right now, but at some point we’ll have to withdraw that privilege…”

The President laughed. “Fascinating how, from administration to administration, we’ve been able to maintain the façade that citizens have the “right” to protest, when in fact, we’ve simply allowed them.”

 “Yessir, and that shooting in Ferguson comes about at just the right time. I’ve got the media spinning the story. We’ve organized several more attacks on police across the country over the next several weeks. Each of these will demonstrate better organization by the rebels. They’ll be larger and more deadly for the cops. If we can stick to the plan, we’ll be able to declare Martial Law in all Class C cities by early summer next year.

“Indeed. It’s good that we were able to nip the bud on this growing rebellion nonsense. DoD's  Excess Property Program, Plan 1033 I believe was an absolute genius idea." He laughed and added, "I understand the Governor of Texas has requested M1 tanks?”

The Director grinned. “Yessir. We’ve scheduled an incremental shipment…forty-five tanks over a six-month period.”


The Director nodded before heading for the door. He waved his hand without turning as the President called out, “Good Job! See you this afternoon. Don't forget, Tee-time is 1700.”

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