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Ok, so you all know I'm not exactly a romance reader, however, I have read some of these books for my job as a Reader's Favorite reviewer, and for BRD reviews. And you know what? They were pretty darn good! Read the bios of some great authors, watch the book trailers, and hear the audio excerpts. Great entertainment any way you look at it! Please share with your friends!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014


If Noam Chomsky were 60 years younger and a poet, his name could be Manik, an anarchist of the generation that will (must) change the power structures that exist today.

Anarchy (modern definition):
1. General lawlessness and disorder, esp when thought to result from an absence or failure of government
2. The absence or lack of government
3. The absence of any guiding or uniting principle; disorder; chaos
4. The theory or practice of political anarchism

Anarchy (original Greek):
~No Rulers~


- Manik
Sell your soul and play your role, get on the payroll and live in a systemic hole. 
Your morals are black as coal while you pretend your life is whole.
Work as hard as they demand of you; forget all the things you wanted to do.
Distrust your friends that compete against you, but believe all that they say is true
Forget the shit on your shoe, think life is good and the sky’s always blue
Allow for their mediations, acknowledging the existence of nations
The seeds of evil are social collusion’s that pay the “Sieg Heil” corporations.  
Don’t dare search for explanations, exist ‘til death never having lived autonomous.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Path to Perdition

MANIK is a young, American poet whose generation will inherit our mistakes. Our approval through silence has allowed politicians to become puppets for their corporate handlers. Corporatism is on the horizon and it is far worse than any governmental or societal governing system ever demonstrated. MANIK highlights many of these problems in this, and other poems. He offers solutions, but for now these remain anathema to most Americans.

You see socialism as the degenerate bastard son of the devil himself
but wonder why the distribution doesn’t drop below the top shelf
Social inequities in extreme ranges all across the nation
luckily, you only face a generation dumbed down by television

You created a vacuum of political education
for us to heed and follow your elitist indoctrination
Mainstream media spread your lie
a generation, a country without asking why

The land which is ours doesn’t produce our needs
it is with poison that it feeds
Manipulated foods to control the population
this is no longer a problem of only our nation!

Fascism is spreading at a disturbing pace
if we can’t remember the past, we have forgotten our face
Marx predicted that history is repetition
and all we do is sign the next petition!

All across the globe we should take it to the streets
trample on the elitist heart until it no longer beats
For generations to come, we must find the ways
for we are looking at very dark days

Lennon’s words have lost their meaning
instead of imagining, we are dreaming
Of a time that once was and never again will be
this has been their ultimate plan, you see?

The systems which control us will always come and go
neo-liberalism is the peak of perversion and manipulative mojo
This is a fact that is for all to know
under these circumstances our society will cease to grow

We’ll be stuck in a process that isn’t completed
the future sees us defeated and resources depleted
A world where the few have the say
but for their atrocities we have to pay

Imagine a world where the wealth is equally spread
where everyone shares the same bed
Where our intellectuals will grow
and discover things we have yet to know

A world where we have fought
to live freely and expand our thoughts
Our society will continue its destined process
and everyone is granted the same access

We are stronger, we want change, we will fight!      
Fascism and the elite, we say good night!
America, no matter your beauty
Your leaders have betrayed us

Manik - Mannheim, Germany - 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014


 1. Include a picture or video of yourself in a Halloween costume! I don’t have any pictures of me in Halloween costume. I did…kinda-sorta…wear a costume when performing with my band. This was taken backstage, at an open air festival, as I was trying to get my in-ear monitor cable under the back of my shirt. Yes, it’s been a few years… ;o)

2. What is your favorite scary movie? That would have to be “The Shining.” Arguably the best movie ever made from one of Stephen King’s novels. “Carrie” was great, too; but not especially scary.

3. What scene from a book or movie scared you more than any other? As much as I love horror movies and books, there’s not much that really and truly “scare” me. However, there are several that have shocked me or that I found extremely disturbing. Again, The Shining hits the mark!

4. If all of Stephen King's bad guys were after each other, who would win and why? Hands down...Randall Flagg. This guy is truly a nasty villain. He appeared in seven of Stephen King’s novels, including several of the Dark Tower series books as Walter o’Dim. He is also King’s self-described "best villain."

5. Give a Treat! I loved these as a kid! Caramel Popcorn Balls.

 6. Provide an elevator pitch for one of your book!
  The Imagine Trilogy 
#1 No Heaven - #2 No Hell - #3 No Religion
Thirty years ago, scientists found extra letters in the human genome of a skeleton estimated to be four thousand years old. The letters were considered to be "junk."

Recently, a man calling himself Eloah interrupted Easter Mass at Germany's famous K├Âlner Dom by announcing that he had visited our world before and that during his previous visit, he had called himself Yeshua ben Josef (aka Jesus). He displayed paranormal abilities that couldn't be explained or ignored until an FBI forensics team discovered that the DNA "junk" discovered thirty years earlier and Eloah's matched. These additional letters could be the basis for his otherworldly intelligence, psychic abilities and extended lifespan.

Eloah offers the world a peaceful and abundant life for all, free from fear and oppression that has nothing to do with an omniscient god, and everything to do with humanity's innate moral and ethical principles. While a religiously incited nuclear war is on the horizon, global political, religious and corporate leaders eager to maintain the status-quo want Eloah stopped at all costs; and they are not alone!

7. Blog Train Halloween Story! Members of the train will follow in the order of their cars to complete the following Halloween story. Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some new authors!

Buried Alive?

WHOA! If you are just starting the story train, click here to go to Train Car #1 for the beginning. http://gingergelsheimer.blogspot.com/2014/10/authors-cave-halloween-blog-train.html

"Good morning, Miss Wade. I'm Doctor Moore. I'm a psychologist and..."

It's been over a week since I woke up in this new body, apparently three hundred years into the future and this lovely, young woman wasn't making any more sense to me than all the others who have spoken about this so-called Past Life Transplant. "I'm sorry, what did you say you were?"

"Oh, please excuse me; I imagine you've never heard of psychology? Well, what I want to do is determine your mental health and to help you work through any issues that may arise as you adjust to your new body and circumstances that could affect your psychic well-being."

"I'm quite sure, Doctor Moore that I haven't a smidgen of an idea what you are talking about."

"Well...let's just say..."

"Let's just say it's bloody crowded in here!" Another voice burst across my consciousness and past my lips. It was a man's voice with a strange accent. I was caught completely unawares and sat as speechless as the good Doctor Moore appeared shocked and alarmed.

Several seconds had passed before the doctor leaned forward, gazed intently into my eyes and asked in a surprised and trembling voice, "Who...who are you?"

I sensed the man's pride and personal affront as, once again, his words passed through my mouth. "I am Lord Hampshire, and I demand to know what sort of black magic this is that put me into a woman's body?"

Doctor Moore pushed a red button on a box atop her desk and within a minute, two more doctors, neither of whom I recognized, burst into the office. "We have a problem," said Doctor Moore. "It seems more than one spirit has been drawn into this body's vortex."

Internally, I felt someone grab me by the back of the head. My hair was pulled sharply back and a new essence moved in front of me. "Ahem...if I may be so bold; make it three spirits inside this body. As the good Lord Hampshire has already stated, it is bloody crowded. What, if anything, do you intend to do about this abominable situation?"

I was and am still a lady; I couldn't, however, stop myself. From behind this third presence, I kicked him soundly between the spot where I imagined his legs to be and pushed him to the side. "Excuse me, gentlemen. Surely, it is obvious to the both of you that I was here first; that this is a woman's body! Kindly remove yourselves, forthwith!"

"Not so damned fast, Miss Wade! You an' me got us some scores to settle up...bitch!"

Click here to continue on to Celia M. Kennedy's train car and the next part of the story!